Thursday 1 April

Maundy Thursday, or in Germany Gründonnerstag. Green Thursday. Traditionally green vegetables especially spinach, are eaten on this day. Not entirely sure why: it has been suggested that the vestments for the priest on this day are green. But I learned about another Easter tradition today, from my little friend Yannis, who told me about Wet Monday as celebrated in Poland. He attends a Catholic school where many of his classmates are Polish. So I Iooked it up: exciting times.

Wet Monday takes place annually on Easter Monday in Poland where people get water thrown on them. Traditionally guys soak girls on Monday, and Tuesday is time for revenge, with girls soaking the guys. It is said that if you don’t wake up early on Wet Monday, you will be awoken by having water poured on you.

I met Yannis from school and we went to Haling Gardens which is a very small park not far from school. It is very well cared for and always attractive.

Some wonderful magnolias in flower too. As it was a warm day, we decided to have an end of term picnic which was great fun. He is so delighted to be back at school, it was a pleasure to share his excitement.

I spent quite a lot of time in the garden, tackling weeds. The current scourge is miniature sycamore seedlings. There is a massive tree at the edge of the golf course at the end of our garden, and the seeds scatter in profusion on the vegetable patch. I find the digging very tiring: I think I must try to do little and often rather than a big session. I bought yet more compost at the garden centre. The soil here is very weak, and after about 6 inches it is solid chalk.

Four days of Bank Holidays ahead: it is all very well for Boris to say go out and have fun, but when all the pubs and cafes are closed, no cinemas or theatres or exhibitions, it isn’t exactly easy. I think I will watch The Third Man on BBC4 shortly. I have seen it many times but it is fantastic. Vienna, Orson Welles, the classic use of shadows, the zither music, the chase scene in the sewers (which I have visited: “The Third Man Tour” it was wonderful!). So I leave you with this classic:

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