Easter Sunday 4 April

Despite the clock change, dawn still cracks pretty early for a two year old. So we were up and dressed, and in the garden pretty ridiculously soon. However I am all in favour of a bit of child labour, so we got cracking on the weeds on the vegetable patch again.

I should say that the weed inhibiting covering has not totally eliminated all the weeds and in any case, I was not able to cover every square inch.

The weather was far better than predicted, and we went to Emma’s and sat in their garden and even got sunburnt. I had devised an Easter egg hunt for Adam, first he had to find the Easter bunny, a white fluffy rabbit, who helped him find the eggs. It was such fun that we had to repeat the hunt about 3 times. I had found some small Easter hat decorations in the supermarket, and wrapped them in foil and hid them, as well as some plastic eggs with chickens in them. The shrieks of excitement could be heard for miles around.

I love the way small children drag round soft toys by one leg or an ear. It is so Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

We went to the park where many groups were enjoying the sunshine. But nothing was over the top crazy, and it all seemed amazingly “normal.” The only odd thing perhaps was that everyone was home-based. No foreign trips this year.

I have just heard that a Lyre Congress, scheduled for the Czech Republic in August, is postponed till 2022. This is when I feel despondent, when events are postponed or cancelled yet again. Any artistic event seems so far down the list : it is so soul destroying for performers of any type. I appreciate all the online attempts, they are laudable, but I for one am beginning to feel a bit Zoomed out. And I am not even working in front of a screen all day.

I will end with a picture rather than a piece of music for once. Mein Osterbaum. Happy Easter one and all!

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