Easter Monday 5 April

I think the excitement of the Easter egg hunt yesterday made everyone very tired so we all slept later today. A big change in temperature, it was remarkably cold with a north wind. Amazingly the bonfire which we lit on Friday evening was still smouldering so we ventured out for more weeding.

The troops departed at lunchtime, at which point I took the newspaper and went for a small snooze. Well, it’s Bank Holiday, has to be done. I think I now need to seriously tackle my to-do list which seems to get longer rather than shorter.

We had a family Zoom call tonight where we discussed how many bags of “stuff” we have got ready for when the charity shops reopen next Monday. Last time this happened the local shops restricted donations to two bags per customer as they were totally inundated with the fruits of everyone’s grand sort out. Have you booked your hair cut seems to be the hot topic of conversation. Yes, in my case not until 21 April, although in the meantime I am getting quite used to having longer hair.

Classic FM is doing its annual countdown of the top 300 tunes, voted for by their listeners. Unfortunately it is all too predictable. There are always a few surprises, for me it is often how a piece I like very much has slipped down the rankings. I am not sure what was number one this year: when I looked I did find out that the first piece ever played as the radio station opened, was Zadok the Priest by Handel, which is of course massively popular, and rightly so, I think.

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