Wednesday 7 April

I read that we may have to have a Covid passport to go shopping in the high street. If anything is guaranteed to kill the high street totally and utterly stone dead, this is it. It remains to be seen how many shops reopen on 12 April, but if I need a certificate to buy a pair of pants in M and S, I really won’t bother. Town centres will die, and we will become like Detroit, with shopping arcades given over to gangs and drug dealers. The Whitgift Centre in Croydon was already becoming a bit of a rough old area. Well well, I’ll try not to be gloomy. It may never happen, like so many other recent suggestions.

Something more positive: this was a lockdown achievement. I finally finished the sampler for my goddaughter’s third child. A little late in the day as you can see from the date. It used to be possible to buy ready printed samplers but not any more. Here the picture was printed, but all the details like name, date and weight, I had to stencil on myself.

I spent the whole afternoon in the garden, and having done a Pilates class this morning, I do feel a shade creaky now. I have started to remove the weed-inhibiting sheeting, and although there are still weeds, there are fewer and they are weaker, so it is an improvement. The soil is very poor, and now very dry. Within a few inches it is solid chalk. So lots of compost and water. It seems strange to be watering in April, especially as we did have quite a bit of rain in the winter, or so it seems to me in recollection.

Something fast and furious to finish with: it feels very energising.

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