Saturday 10 April

Like many people during lockdown, I have been having very vivid dreams. Recently it has been swimming in the sea. I can hear the rush of the waves, I can feel the water on my skin, it is so real. The other recurring equally vivid dream is taking a school party to Germany, and missing the train, and struggling to shepherd girls on to connecting trains and getting panicky when it all goes wrong. What a curious thing the mind is.

I tried to do my daily gardening task but I was not outside for long as the east wind was so bitterly cold. I did manage a walk down to Coulsdon to get the paper so I have a few steps to record, not the 10,000 I would like. Instead I did some online training. I have been appointed as a poll clerk in the forthcoming local elections, and as I have never done it before, I had to train. Having followed all the tuition, I then had a 40 question assessment, pass mark 85%. Well, I followed it assiduously for two and half hours, and passed the test (what colour is the ballot paper for the London Mayor election?) and felt completely in a spin. I now fully sympathise with all the pupils and students who have been doing online learning. It is mind-numbing. I would willingly sit in a lecture hall for a whole afternoon to cover the same ground. Staring at the screen and clicking the next arrow button is stifling. Anyway, I have got my certificate and can prepare for duty 6am -11pm on 6 May. I wonder what the actual turn out might be? I think many people in this area will have opted for a postal vote.

The number of people following the blog has dropped considerably so the time has come to review when I might stop. I had thought 21 June when lockdown allegedly comes to an end, but as the situation eases, clearly most people have better things to do, which is all to the good. Perhaps we are all getting prepared to re-enter the “normal” world. Can someone tell me what that is?

I swear this girl has fingers half a mile long. Skip to about 5 mins if you want to hear the famous high speed section. We have lift off!

2 thoughts on “Saturday 10 April

  1. Had some very weird dreams myself. I dreamt last night I was in a pub drinking a pint of beer. I vividly dreamt it tasted odd and then woke to find myself drinking water from my bedside glass!
    All very discombobulating.

    If you haven’t already seen this film I urge you to do so. It’s wonderful escapism.

    Octopus My Teacher


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