Sunday 11 April

Thank you very much for the feedback on dreaming. It seems that everyone is having technicolor dreams/nightmares, some very frightening, and some very frustrating, like being in the pub with a pint of beer to hand. I suppose all forms of dreams reflect the day’s thought processes, and as we have spent a great deal of time over recent months feeling restricted, scared, lonely, stressed, this is bound to come to the surface at night.

But I had a very diverting morning, meeting a baby who was born at the end of September, who I had not yet had the chance to see, as she lives in Edenbridge. In fact she has met few people except her mum, dad and older brother, and this is quite hard when you think how babies are usually handed round and admired. She is understandably a bit wary of strangers.

This afternoon I visited a beautiful garden in Sanderstead, open under the auspices of the National Garden Scheme. It was wonderfully well tended, and so well designed. The tulips were magnificent, Rachel has made a point of planting unusual varieties. Only 30 people were allowed in every hour, but it was fully booked, which is very gratifying. In the summer it will be open again, and then with tea and cake, which today was not permitted.

When I got home, I was outside for a while but then it got very cold, and shortly after, there was a mini snowstorm.

Fickle April: one moment warm, the next freezing.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is usually associated with blockbuster musicals, but I heard this today, and found it intensely moving. Perhaps because they are such young talented singers.

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