Thursday 15 April

My birthday, and for two years running, no party. For us guys with birthdays in April, lockdown has been really bad news on the celebration front. However this year was better than last, in that in 2020 I could go nowhere and see no one, except I had a shouty conversation with my neighbour at the end of the drive. Today was a lot different. I had many cards, electronic greetings, text messages, it was just lovely, thank you so much. Two bunches of flowers were delivered, I am very spoilt.

My first activity however was a visit to Purley Hospital for a bone density scan. It was a very rapid experience, and one thing which lockdown has brought is a massive reduction in waiting time for medical appointments, or so it seems. Perhaps fewer people are prepared to go to hospital for a non urgent reason, and so the queues are shorter anyway, who knows. I am relieved to know that I am very dense: I’ll rephrase that, no sign of osteoporosis which my mother had, hence my scan.

Then a trip to Brighton on the train. Very few passengers, a very pleasurable experience. Brighton was tolerably busy, shops and cafes being open, and school holidays, meant that there was a considerable number of people around. For the first time for ages I went to a shop which was not a supermarket, “Mountain Warehouse” where I bought two tops and a fleece ready for my walking holiday in June. We walked through The Lanes and down to the pier, it all seemed remarkably normal.

It was a bit chilly though, and I was not tempted to wild swim, unlike my niece who swam this morning at Portobello brrrr!!

I fulfilled my wish of having fish and chips by the seaside, a very English thing to do. It was totally delicious.

The train back was not quite so delightful. We got thrown off at Gatwick, then went to Purley, and got a minicab home as we couldn’t face more changes. Plus I seem to have clocked up seven and half miles of walking today so the legs were getting a little tired.

I feel I need something funny for my birthday. I like this, because it seems so dreadfully plausible. One household task leads to another……

3 thoughts on “Thursday 15 April

  1. Happy Birthday Jenny. I do hope that’s mushy peas you were having with your fish and chips.
    Looks a grand meal.


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