Saturday 17 April

A very fine sunny day, so different from the snow on Monday. But there you are, that’s April. I was very fortunate to have yet another birthday celebration. Emma and Yolande had conspired to make lunch, followed by a most amazing birthday cake, and a few glasses of wine to wash it all down. More presents and cards. This has been a three day event which more than compensates for nothing at all happening on last year’s birthday. And it is not even a significant one!

The lockdown hair length comes to an end on Wednesday, though I have kind of got used to it. More clips and hairbands though, and constantly trimming my fringe. I think in general, shorter is better. Adam too is waiting for a trim. His current pudding basin style is annoying at hair wash time, so minimal is going to be the order of the day.

We did call a halt to proceedings to watch the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. I thought the relative simplicity of it was very moving, and very much in keeping with what he would have wanted. It seems he planned it himself though I doubt he foresaw that everyone would be in black masks, and only 30 people present. I find the sailors’ hymn, “Eternal Father Strong to Save,” very moving. That and the Last Post move me to tears. I found it very tragic that the Queen stood in isolation. Could she not have stood with Prince Charles? They must have been meeting in recent days. Hopefully the focus will not move to whether William and Harry spoke to each other.

An upbeat finale: Rubinstein playing the finale of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto.

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