Sunday 18 April

Another amazingly sunny day. The garden now needs constant watering. When out walking, all the formerly muddy paths are now dry and dusty. Yet overnight it is bitterly cold and vulnerable plants cannot yet go outside. Well the British always allegedly talk about the weather, so I am true to form.

I visited Emmetts Garden today. En route we stopped at Westerham, and many people were sitting on the green, enjoying a coffee or a pint in the sunshine.

It all seemed very English and normal and not at all lockdown. Many of the little shops were open, delighted at last to have customers I am sure. Emmetts is famous for bluebells and they are just starting to come out. Although you have to book a timed parking slot, I have to say, I have never seen as many cars there before. Even the overflow car park was filling up. It is of course the last Sunday before the schools go back tomorrow, but there were many people there enjoying the flowers in the sunny weather. Good news for the National Trust, who like everyone else has suffered greatly under the restrictions.

So here you are, evidence that the English bluebell season is under way.

Back home it was still warm enough to sit in the garden. I do like to sit in the sun with a glass of cool white wine, so tonight I got my wish. We even had dinner outside: in the summer we eat all our meals outside on the patio, much to the amusement of our neighbours I am sure. We are still finishing off birthday cake: this has been an everlasting celebration for which I am duly grateful.

Having spent so much time in the open air today, I thought of Saint Saens “The Swan.”

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