Wednesday 21 April

The first excitement of the day was to have a hair cut. About 4 months now. I will show 2 photos to give the before and after look. This was on Sunday at Emmett’s Gardens

And this was today, on Limpsfield Chart.

Today’s cut looks a bit spiky but it will settle down and certainly takes less looking after!

We walked today from the Carpenters’ Arms on Limpsfield Chart. The pub was open and doing a roaring trade at the picnic benches outside. Our circular walk took us up hill and down dale, with masses of bluebells to see. And wood anemones, celandines, violets and primroses. Soooooo pretty. We came past an Elizabethan Manor House, Tenchley’s. It appears to be in private ownership.

I am not so aggrieved about not being able to go abroad, as long as I can visit such beautiful parts of the UK. But I have seen a lot of the local area now, and really look forward to venturing out further afield. On the way home, I sprang a surprise visit on friends in Hurst Green and we had a great cup of tea out in the garden, and set the world to rights.

Today in the Times I read an interesting article about “languishing.” She defined it as not being depressed, or incapable, but lacking in motivation, and drifting rather aimlessly from one activity to another, without any particular sense of purpose. I do empathise with this. I would say in general I am pretty active, but I do feel as though I have lost pace, simply because I am able to procrastinate and leave it till tomorrow. I have my to-do list next to me here, and I have crossed off a few things, but not nearly as many as one might imagine, in nearly a year of nothingness. So what do I do? I read and write a lot, I make phone calls, I write letters, I go for walks, all the usual household tasks: you would still imagine there is slack in the system.

Today is the Queen’s 95th birthday and Classic FM played English music all day in her honour. I like this: Jeremiah Clarke

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