Thursday 22 April

Today is Earth Day. I would not have known this except I received an email from Eurostar, telling me how sustainable everything is which they do. Per passenger their CO2 emission is 93% less than travelling by plane, the electricity they use in the Netherlands is derived from wind power, and most of the other electricity is from a renewable source. It ends with welcoming me back as soon as possible. I would actually be only too delighted to travel anywhere by Eurostar, but I am currently prisoner in my own country, locked down in the UK for the foreseeable future, so chance would be a fine thing.

Luckily I was able to celebrate Earth Day by spending much of the day working in the garden. My latest scourge is goose grass. Sticky stuff which clings to everything. I have been weeding, but planting things out is risky as it is so cold at night. I also went out for a walk in the locality, not far, but to see the blossom is so refreshing. The blackthorn this year has been stunning. I am not sure if it is better than usual or just that I am becoming more observant as lockdown sharpens my sensitivities.

I am a newcomer to Netflix, but as everyone has raved about it, I have started watching The Crown. I have to say, the attention to detail is incredible. I have just seen the episode in Kenya, when Elizabeth emerges from Treetops as Queen. The locations, the costumes, the vehicles, it is a tremendous achievement. I kept wanting to shout out to King George, put that cigarette down! I had to smile at the child actor playing Prince Charles, with his big ears. No expense spared. I am not sure that I will be wild to return to the cinema after lockdown ends, I have seen some great things online, and I don’t have to put up with the popcorn munchers.

It occurs to me that I have not chosen much French music. This is a very beautiful song from the Auvergne. The pictures here are pretty too. Let’s all jump on Eurostar and go and visit France!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 22 April

  1. I have loved those folk songs since I first heard them aged 16. How can music convey such an idyllic rural life? What struck me then, and now, is that the song is about a stress-free accompaniment of the restful music, For me its folk song …not opera. The singer surely must capture the whimsicality and whistfulness of the melody and harmonies, not take the lead and raise the roof. . Anna Moffo did it best.


  2. The smoking is relentless in The Crown, it gets worse as it progresses. Princess Margaret is portrayed as a chain smoker. Funny how times change, eventually.


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