Friday 23 April

The good news today is that the gardener came to do a couple of hours work. He chopped and strimmed and achieved in the time what would take me for ever, so I am very pleased. We have agreed on 2 hrs every other week and I think that will just break the back of the tough work. As it is so dry at the moment, the grass is not growing anyway, nor is anything else come to that. I am watering every evening but what we really need is rain!

There are fireworks going off round here at the moment, not sure why. Eid is not till mid May. The cat is looking pretty spooked. Once a year is bad enough as far as she is concerned. The puppy next door won’t be best pleased either.

One of the Times’ main articles is about lack of sympathy for the arts, and how they have suffered in lockdown. Who would be a professional actor or musician at present? As an amateur presenter I feel stifled, but it is only a hobby for me, not a way of life. Andrew Lloyd Webber is hoping to open a new show in London. I really hope he succeeds, it will be such a positive move.

I had to learn this poem in school, when I was learning German, in order to practise the “ch” sound, particularly noticeable in the second verse. Beautiful song.

2 thoughts on “Friday 23 April

  1. Maybe the fireworks were in celebration of St George’s Day? An event that seems to have passed everyone by this year.
    We don’t seem to celebrate this day now.


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