Saturday 24 April

Today we have come to Ealing to look after Adam and the dog for a couple of days. The weather is fantastic and we went to Pitshanger Park. The red cherry blossom was an incredible colour.

This area is designated as Metropolitan Open Land. It has the R Brent running through it, a golf course to one side, tennis courts, and playground, it is a great asset to the area. Under normal circumstances a cafe, but oddly enough, not open: perhaps the queues would be too big.

Adam was engaged for a long time with setting up his farm animals. He seems very keen on animals and wild life in general.

In the meantime the dog looks in hope at the ball: please throw it. However, having run like crazy round the park, one would have thought that he was tired: hm, not a flicker of fatigue.

But I am flagging, so tonight is shorter than usual. It is beginning to feel less and less like lockdown anyway, so perhaps I am reaching a natural conclusion.

I omitted to say it was St George’s Day yesterday: here is a celebration.

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