Thursday 29 April

By way of a change we went shopping in Banstead this morning. It is a very pretty commuter area, just a bit more rural than Coulsdon. It has some very nice individual shops, and an extremely good line in charity shops. Plus a huge Waitrose and a Marks and Spencers food outlet. What’s not to like? The shops are generally quieter too, or are early in the morning, which is when we were there. Even the roadside trees are pretty.

I absolutely love these pale pink cherry blossom trees, probably because my parents had one in the garden, and as children, we had a swing suspended from its branches. I think I wrote about it this time last year. How odd. I never imagined I would be writing a lockdown blog one year later. There is something very soporific and charming about a swing. I remember lying back and looking at the blossom outlined against the blue sky. The tree is no longer there. Not so long ago I drove past the house and saw that sadly much of the garden had been turned into a car port.

We are trying to keep up a step count, so went for a tour of Lloyd Park this afternoon. Just about 10,000 steps today. The newspapers seem to be full of how to gain post lockdown fitness. I think more to the point is how to lose lockdown weight. And not just by getting a hair cut. Activities are slowly resuming. We now hear the click of golf balls at the end of our garden, Woodcote Golf Course being directly behind.

I heard part of a Brahms symphony today, but that is too long to reference. However, I really like the Academic Festival Overture, not least because of the German student songs quoted in it.

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