Friday 30 April

And still a frost overnight. Really remarkably chilly. I managed to do a Body Balance class this morning. It’s a bit like Pilates, a lot of bending and stretching, and balancing, as the name implies. Comes in handy when clambering over stiles, where the height of the step always seems to have been set by men with very long legs.

Then we went to Richmond Park, to meet Alison and Adam for a picnic. It was not nearly as crowded as I had expected, perhaps people have actually managed to go away for a weekend break. We parked inside the park near Roehampton Gate, a first time for me, I have had to find street parking nearby before. We did a bit of people watching. Yummy mummies with their little babies in designer buggies. Mummy in skinny leggings and designer trainers. Many cyclists, some walkers, plenty of parakeets and deer. The highlight for Adam was seeing the digger close up.

Many deer too, though not as cheeky as the ones in Bushy Park.

As the newspapers are focusing on Boris’ wallpapering at number 10, and the Cambridges’ 10th wedding anniversary, I assume that the pandemic is no longer the lead story, in the British press at least. 40 million of us living in a Covid free area has to be good news. So please sir, can we all go out to play now?

By way of a change I thought you might like this video, about a cat which lives in a part of Austria which I know well, and has a huge following, its own book, fan club etc. The town featured here is Gmunden, where I have stayed, so it is a really nostalgic trip for me. I also like cats and this one is a star. There are oodles of videos of it on YouTube. Stick with it till you get the music in the last few minutes, it’s great!

3 thoughts on “Friday 30 April

  1. Sorry Jenny, I can’t let you get away with that. It’s not a digger. Adam will tell you it’s a truck.
    How’s a young lad supposed to learn?


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