Saturday 1 May

May Day, and a public holiday in so many countries, Workers Day, but we just have the first Monday as our Bank Holiday. May queens and maypole dancing in some areas, certainly when I was a child growing up in Sheffield. I loved all the dressing up, pretty frocks and flower crowns. Maybe gave me a taste for my later interest in amateur dramatics.

Richard and family have come to spend the weekend with us which is a wonderful diversion. The dinosaurs still seems to have a leading role in Adam’s life, including bath time, so we have diplodocus covered in bubble bath. There has to be some anachronism here.

But my big news today is the launch of part 1 of a podcast I have been involved in with the Chicago Oriental Institute. An interesting connection. I had an email about The Flood CD which we made, from a guy in Chicago. At the time, Richard was living there, so when I was visiting, we arranged to meet. I gave Steve the full history of the Lyre of Ur project, and subsequently he got a job at the Institute, where during lockdown they have been making podcasts. The Lyre Ensemble, four of us, were asked if we could make a 2 part podcast, and today was the premiere of Part 1, which is the story of the making of the replica lyre. We are highly delighted with the end result, the editing is wonderful. It is about 28 mins, but do watch if you can, and please pass the link to all your friends. Part 2 same time next week!

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