Monday 3 May

May Day Bank Holiday. It is currently pouring with rain (much needed) and blowing a gale. Archetypal Bank Holiday weather one might say. My niece in Edinburgh told me that there was a long queue outside of Primark in cascading rain. How can anybody be so desperate to do that? Mind you, as Scotland has had different regulations, perhaps no one has had the opportunity to buy a cheap T shirt till now.

To be fair it was warmer earlier today and we were out in the garden with family, drinking coffee and eating lemon cake, which is a better way to celebrate a holiday. We have just watched a programme about the steam train which goes from Paignton to Kingswear. Very nostalgic. My parents were great steam train enthusiasts and we always rode on them wherever possible. Smuts on our faces, smoke in our eyes, I can smell the steam train atmosphere as I write. The Isle of Wight network was a favourite, and of course the Loughborough Great Central, which I read recently is going from strength to strength.

I think for May Day we should see some maypole dancing. I loved doing it. It has such precision, and woe betide you if you did a wrong move and tangled the ribbons!!

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