Tuesday 4 May

We were invited over to see friends in Ottershaw, near Chertsey. Very straightforward drive round the M25. Overhead blandishments “Minimise Travel.” I frankly don’t see any sign of that. As we left the motorway, the car started juddering. A blowout. I limped to the friends’ house and called the rescue company. I have to say they were very quick and efficient, loaded me and the car on board and whizzed off to a tyre merchants. I was so very pleased that I had not had to wait at the side of the M25. And the dishwasher has gone wrong, so not a Good Day.

But we had a lovely walk in Ottershaw Chase, some very fine woodland in the care of Runnymede Council. Apparently it was owned by a timber merchant who planted trees for felling, but he became bankrupt in the 1990’s and the council took it over to preserve it as a green space. It was just wonderful to see all the new leaves bursting forth. Shiny bright green. This was an incredible tree root: I guess maybe left over from the 1987 hurricane.

Both my grown up children have now been vaccinated, one with a slightly adverse reaction, the other not yet. They certainly seem to be cracking on with the younger age groups now. It really does begin to feel as if the end is in sight. We shall see.

The Gold Lyre of Ur podcast, by the Chicago Oriental Institute, has now reached 2,002 views! Thank you so much to all of you who have tuned in, please keep passing on the link. Tremendously exciting!

I think I may have cited this piece of music before, but I heard it today, and it reminded me that I played it for my Grade 8 piano exam. Not at this speed however. But I recognise every note and every key change.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 4 May

  1. Well done with the tyre blowout. Very common apparently now with the appalling state of the roads and potholes.

    There’s a chap at the golf club who only yesterday was saying don’t ever let your wife load the dishwasher as they don’t understand how it works. He was very passionate about it.
    Hmmm not sure that’s a very good argument but……good luck with yours. 😬


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