Wednesday 5 May

The day started more quietly with an online Pilates class for me. There is talk of resuming in person classes, but it is interesting to note how many people remain wary of this. I would be more than enthusiastic as I like the sociability of a class. Also there is less opportunity for cheating when you’re all there together in front of the instructor. No hiding below the line of sight of the camera pretending you’re doing plank like everyone else.

The most interesting thing today though was a telephone conversation with a student who has entered as a private candidate for GCSE German. His school contacted me to make an assessment, as there are no exams this year, it’s all teacher-assessed. And only reading and writing, no speaking and listening. Outrageous in my humble opinion, but there you are. I had already received some pieces of written work, and they were amazingly good. I asked if he had a German relative, or had lived in Germany. No, the school reported he had learned German “from friends.” So I requested a chat with him. My word, he was good. It is hard to conduct a phone conversation in a foreign language, and he was very fluent. He said he played a lot of computer games with German speakers, liked the language, started on Duolingo, outgrew it rapidly, bought a grammar book and swallowed it whole, “I love grammar!” he said. Music to my ears. I would take him on for AL tomorrow. It is so exciting to come across such a talented student. Made my day.

This afternoon we went for a walk from Gatton Point past Reigate Fort. Funny old place, built when a Napoleonic invasion was feared.

It is now in the care of the National Trust. You can walk round the ramparts, and get a good view south over Reigate, towards the South Downs in the distance. I came across this boundary stone, which says War Department and then something about Pilgrims Way. It is located on what is now the North Downs Way. I am a bit challenged about the middle words.

Boundary is the………of Pilgrims Way.

I also loved this hollow tree, which looks more like a perforation, there were so many holes in it.

This is an appropriate piece of music for today: “Voices of Spring.”

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 5 May

      1. Thanks so much for the research!! I thought there would be info somewhere, I was too idle to look. Amazing that these stones have survived so well.


  1. This music made me long for live music once again! When we lived in Atlanta, I had season tickets to the Philharmonic along with a friend/co-worker; such lovely evenings. We would park close to the symphony hall and walk somewhere close by for dinner and ONE glass of wine, followed by the concert.


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