Thursday 6 May

I look at the viewing stats each day, just because, and yesterday got 297 views. It’s normally around 50. How curious. I wonder why? Perhaps it’s a blip in the calculations. I don’t mind, far from it, just amazed.

Today we went to Standen. Two years ago I went to a wonderful tulip festival there, and I thought it might be the same, as tulips surely just keep going. But it was not quite like that. There was certainly one very nice border

but in general there were not so many. I know they did not have the army of volunteers during lockdown, so it is not quite as well tended as usual. I love the colour of these forget-me-nots:

what a mind-blowing blue! They say “her eyes were forget-me-knot blue.” What a compliment that would be.

The apple blossom was out and superbly pretty. Standen has some bee hives, and we stood under one apple tree, which was alive with the humming. In fact it was a feast for the ears, so many birds twittering as well.

I thought this was a good idea too. A little stand with single blooms of camellias in particular.

There has been a running correspondence in The Times about cryptic abbreviations used on notes in A and E units: they really made me laugh. I am sure medics can tell you hundreds more. FOP = Fell Over Pissed. E6 – postcode for Barking. LOLWNOP = Little Old Lady With No Obvious Problem.

Election day here, and a good turn out by all accounts. I thought perhaps more would opt for postal votes. The presiding officer thought that people were keen to get out and “do” something. Interesting.

A little Faure:

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