Friday 7 May

I am going to start with a shameless advert for the premiere of the Chicago Oriental Institute podcast about the Lyre of Ur. It is part 2 and features performance which will probably generate even more interest than part 1 about the making of the instrument, although in less than a week there have been about 2,400 views.

If you can’t watch live tomorrow at 4pm, it will then be continuously available on YouTube. Please do feel free to comment, feedback is invaluable.

It is still quite ridiculously cold and I am stalling on putting anything out in the garden. The fox ambles across in its winter coat, luckily no sign of the deer at present. No election results yet, they say because of social distancing it is taking longer to unload the ballot boxes and count the votes. At the same time I read that there are more deaths from flu and pneumonia than Covid. I sometimes recall Churchill’s comment (presumably made in English but I have only ever heard it in German) at the end of WW2, about defeating Nazism but not Soviet Communism: “Wir haben das falsche Schwein geschlachtet.” (We killed the wrong pig) Perhaps we have killed the wrong virus.

A friend has recommended a piece of music which I had not knowingly heard before, and is indeed very lovely.

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