Saturday 8 May

A grey rainy day, not conducive to going out anywhere. Although we did manage to walk down to Coulsdon to the shops. Rod likes to check over the charity shops but I think during lockdown they have all had a major clearout, and also reorganised for social distancing, so there is not a great deal of interest in them anyway. One thing though: I did not have to water the garden this evening. “Always look on the bright side of life.”

The highlight of the day was the premiere of the Gold Lyre of Ur podcast part 2, by the Chicago Oriental Institute. There were not so many people watching live, but apparently it was a really sunny day in Chicago so most people were out in the fresh air, at 11am their time. I have just checked now and it has already had 420 views, in 5 hours, so that is gratifying. It remains to be seen if this publicity translates into CD orders!

Late afternoon it was a bit sunnier so we went out for a short stroll. It is still so cool. Even the horses had their winter coats on, and the owners must be frustrated that they still have to feed them hay.

I have just watched Michael Palin in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania, in about 2005 I think. What a dreadful toll from the break up of the former Yugoslavia. And so clear in my memory, the Mostar bridge, the siege of Sarajevo. Such beautiful countries, such lovely people. I have visited Zagreb but nowhere else. I liked it very much and would so love to see more. I find Michael Palin a very agreeable presenter. He has a great line in understatement.

I heard this today on Classic FM and thought how haunting it was. He is apparently from Montenegro, I thought perhaps one of the Balkan states I had been watching this evening.

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