Sunday 9 May

A shorter entry today, not a lot has happened. We went for a walk in the Oaks Park, along with a zillion dog walkers. We had a coffee at the open air cafe, and a small dog with hair over its eyes came and nosed around: Rod named it Boris. Beautiful blossom trees still going strong.

How come that ground elder has returned with a vengeance? And the snails to eat my little bean plants. One rain shower and it all kicks off. I have just watched “The Pursuit of Love” as something at 9pm on Sunday is tempting. The costumes are amazing, I love the hats, but I am not sure that the story line is too riveting. It’s an insight into the lives of the Mitfords of course.

A little dance music to finish:

One thought on “Sunday 9 May

  1. I was concerned that the flute player at the start takes the tempo right down again after the violin introduction… And wondered if this was the conductor or just that she couldnt keep up. There seems to be a variety of tempos here pulling in different directions.


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