Monday 10 May

I am still doing an online Pilates class, which was set up near to the beginning of the first lockdown. I have got used to rolling out my exercise mat in the sitting room and logging on to Zoom. There is a certain convenience to not getting togged up and walking down to the church hall. It is also very nice to be able to participate in a class, if for any reason you are unable to leave the house. I suppose it’s like working from home or returning to the office. You can perceive the advantages of both options.

It has been extremely windy and very cool still. Ne’er cast a clout till May is out, and I cannot see myself casting off clothes any time soon. I see from last year’s blog entry that the laburnum was in full bloom at this time. Today it is showing only the vaguest shimmer of yellow. Many plants appear to be dormant, it’s very odd. Perhaps there will be a sudden blaze of sunshine and it will all burst forth.

We have just watched Fiona Bruce in “Fake or Fortune.” I prefer this to any detective programme, much less brutal and so exciting. The amount of research they and their assistants do must be phenomenal. And all condensed down to one hour. I always try to anticipate what the final revelation will be: tonight I was wrong. It looked as though it was certainly a Gainsborough, but oh no, a very good picture but definitely a copy by Barker of Bath. But then you have to say, if it’s a lovely painting anyway, should you love it any the less, simply because it’s worth hundreds and not thousands? An ethical dilemma.

This piece of music has been recommended to me, and I have to admit I have never heard this version of Dvorak’s “New World” before: as a piano duet. It is very charming.

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