Thursday 13 May

About 5 weeks till the longest day, and it still does not feel like summer! People are getting excited about the slackening of lockdown restrictions on Monday. For me this will hopefully mean a return to actual Pilates classes, and to aquafit. I have so much missed the opportunity of going swimming. The newspapers are full of supplements about clothing for returning to the office, or going out for a social evening. That is, if you can get a booking. I am led to believe that many places are already fully booked.

This afternoon we went for a walk in Oaks Park. I came across a plaque there which I don’t recollect seeing before.

It seems that the house was demolished in 1950, having fallen into a state of dereliction after the war. Although it was used to house refugee children during the war. The park remains a green oasis in the London Borough of Sutton, well used by all the locals. It certainly has come into its own during the various lockdowns.

I decided to play the piano for a little while, and am appalled to discover that it is very out of tune. My previous piano tuner used to ring and remind me that tuning was due, but I think the current one does not, so I will have to chase. The A above middle C is particularly flat, and it seems that every piece I wish to play has this note recurring. Grr.

This comes with a recommendation: From a Distance, sung in Nynorsk (a Norwegian dialect). You will find an English version on YouTube, but this singer has the most wonderful voice.

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