Friday 14 May

It was a mostly footling in the garden sort of day. It seems it is going to rain for most of the weekend. At last a few things may start to grow. I ventured to the garden centre to buy some plants which all had dire warnings about being protected from frost. I do really hope that frosts have passed. Though the lady serving was wearing about 3 quilted layers, and said she had been there since early morning when it had been seriously cold.

I went for a walk on the Farthing Downs in the middle of the day. I am trying to maintain my 10,000 daily steps but I do not always achieve that. Although it is amazing how many I clock up simply going up and down the garden. I must have seen this tree many times before, but it struck me how fascinating the gnarled trunk is.

From the top of the Downs it is clear to see that the Cane Hill housing development is almost finished. 650 dwellings I am told. There is now a little bus service which goes up there, but no shops or school. As planning laws are increasingly abandoned, I do wonder about the sanctity of the open spaces like the Farthing Downs and Riddlesdown, both currently owned by the City of London.

I aim to finish the blog on 17 May, as I feel to all intents and purposes, lockdown will have finished. I see with dismay that the government is toying with not lifting restrictions on 21 June. If another lockdown were to be re-imposed, I think there would be rioting, but by the same token, I might be inspired to resurrect my so-called lockdown blog. Please do keep the comments coming: as long as I pay the WordPress sub, the blog will still be here!

I think we need some lively music to get the circulation going: I heard this today. I love the vibrancy of this youth orchestra, absolutely stunning. Love the red trousers too.

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