Saturday 15 May

I decided to plant out some of the little plants acquired yesterday at the garden centre. But first I had to buy some slug pellets. I know they are not well regarded in some quarters but nothing has a hope in this garden without some form of protection. It seems to be a constant battle with marauders: foxes, squirrels, deer, pigeons, slugs and snails. And this is just a suburban garden. No wonder farmers resort to more drastic measures.

I went for a walk this afternoon on the Shirley Hills. It is a very pleasant wooded area remarkably near to central Croydon. There is a lookout point from where you can see right into the city: the Shard, the Gherkin, and sometimes as far as the Wembley arch. Some young men had a drone they were playing with, much to the amusement of all onlookers. But are they noisy! Nice peaceful country walk and zmmmmmm, zmmmmmm. Still I managed 9000 steps.

Anyone planning a summer holiday anywhere other than the UK? I wouldn’t currently venture to think about it as the goalposts are moved on a daily basis. I feel so desperately sorry for those who have friends and family abroad, who are getting seriously desperate about when they are likely to be able to meet. I suppose we have taken so much for granted in the past, the ability to jet off to Australia or Africa whenever we felt like it. I have to say that when writing my blog in May last year, I never imagined I would be still writing it one year later, still complaining about lockdown.

Schumann’s piano music is very challenging. This is a very fine performance: worth watching the first minute to see him adjust the piano stool.

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