Sunday 16 May

One of the things which irks me at the moment is the lack of spontaneity. I went for a swim this morning at Trinity School where I am a member of the sports club. In the old days, I could decide on the day itself that I would like to swim and just rock up at the opening time. Now only 12 people can be admitted at any one time, and you have to book a slot in advance. The same applies to National Trust properties. We used to look at the weather and say, let’s go to Chartwell this afternoon. Now you have to reserve a parking place and when they’re gone, no more visitors. Sometimes I would feel like not cooking dinner, so hey, let’s go to the pizza parlour down in Coulsdon. Oh no you can’t, because it’s been fully booked for days in advance because everyone is so totally bored, and delighted that they can finally go indoors to have a pizza instead of freezing at the outdoor facilities. So that is today’s rant and it remains to be seen if the predicted easing of restrictions here in England tomorrow brings any respite.

I really enjoyed my 30 lengths ploughing up and down the pool. I used to go every Sunday morning and that was my thinking time. Nowadays I have too much thinking time and not enough swimming. The Sunday papers are full of so much nonsense that I really don’t know why I bother. Except that I have a subscription and I am too much of a skinflint to pass up the opportunity of getting a paper.

Adam was with us today and he is a source of endless entertainment. His latest craze is hats, and today he wore two at a time of grandpa’s. I think he has future on the stage. He talks a lot now, and sings nursery rhymes to himself: his nursery is using French as well as English and he is now warbling Frere Jacques.

My decision to end the blog seems to have caused some dismay. This is inordinately flattering and I am so grateful for the messages. I have to admit that it is a form of therapy for me, and as some of you will know, I am facing a difficult time at present, so I think I will continue. And who knows, perhaps 21 June is not the light at the end of the tunnel, perish the thought, I have to say.

I heard this today and found it wonderfully soothing.

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