Monday 17 May

Norwegian National Day, and my niece’s birthday! In days gone by I would have gone to a Norwegian festivity in London near to the Sjømannskirken in Rotherhithe. People in wonderful traditional costumes, music, speeches, dancing, and more Norwegian people living in London and nearby than you might ever imagine. I guess it will have been a low key event in Norway today too.

In England people are celebrating the easing of some lockdown restrictions: pubs and restaurants entertaining indoors, museum and galleries opening up, even some theatres and cinemas. Fantastic news that arts venues are getting going again. For me there were two highlights: my Pilates class took place with real people in the local church hall, so different from a Zoom class, no cheating. And in the evening a return of the aquafit class which stopped last December. There was a full turn out, everyone said they had really missed it, the teacher too.

The weather was very unpredictable today. I wanted to plant out some little things but got rained off twice. We managed a short walk across Happy Valley:

This was the view after the hailstorm. The meadow is bursting forth with cow parsley, cowslips and buttercups. We walked across to the wood and found a mass of bluebells still in bloom. In many places now they have finished.

I had thought of finishing the blog today but for a variety of reasons I will continue for a while. Still lockdown till 21 June here, and now rumoured maybe beyond which is an exceedingly depressing thought. The readership had dropped to about 20 so I thought no one was interested any more, but yesterday it was back to 50. In any case, I write for my own amusement as much as anything else. Feedback is of course always welcome.

Other countries always seem to have more dramatic anthems than us, or is it just that they are less familiar?

2 thoughts on “Monday 17 May

  1. Hi Jenny
    I don’t think people who read your blog in their email will be counted unless they open the link and read the blog on line.

    You may have many more readers that you think 👍😎


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