Tuesday 18 May

I read about thousands of people jetting off to warmer climes, and although I do not remotely envy their wait at the airport, or even the flight, I would like some hotter weather. I made a wigwam for my runner bean plants, and tucked them in surrounded by slug pellets. They now have water, as we have had periodic deluges all day, but they won’t grow till we get more sunshine.

Rod and I went to an angling lake today, one of the few open during the close season for coarse fishing. You don’t know about these things? You did not grow up with an angler. Two nice carp were landed, despite hailstorms and thunder, but these only affect the humans not the fish. We’re all-weather explorers though, so waterproof trousers, the full caboodle.

I am about to watch the sexy Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen. How they run a remote Swaledale sheep farm and bring up nine children, renovate an old barn, provide cream teas for passing walkers, is beyond me. I think she is one of these people who needs about 4 hours sleep. The scenery is spectacular, but they always seem to film on a sunny day, I bet it is dire in winter.

Continuing the Norwegian theme from yesterday: their most famous composer, Greig.

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