Thursday 20 May

A high wind and desperately cold. I am wearing a thick jumper and the heating has clicked on. When on earth is summer going to arrive? The cat is curled up in a tight ball as if it were mid winter. The sea temperature at Brighton is 10.9C, no wonder people are queueing at airports to go to the Med.

I went for a walk in the Banstead Woods this afternoon. The bluebells have more or less finished though there is still a slight blue haze. Cattle are being grazed at the edge of the wood. I thought this was an archetypal English scene, the cow with the cowslips.

It is a while since I have been there, and some new wood carvings have appeared. A wonderful use of blighted tree stumps. This is rather scary. Clever though.

How about this for Big Brother tactics. “Google Docs will now suggest edits if you write something that is not deemed ‘inclusive’, changing words like ‘mailman’ to ‘mail carrier’. “This is Brave New World and 1984 all rolled into one!! I am not going to give in to the document police: hopefully WordPress is still immune. Well, we’ll see, if this posting gets through.

I heard a piece today which I do not recollect hearing before and thought it was so beautiful, and appropriately titled. “Sweet Dreams” by Tchaikovsky, played by Lang Lang.

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