Friday 21 May

Only one month until the longest day, and our final exit from lockdown. Or will it be? It will certainly be the longest day, but the other? We shall see. Today the temperature was 10C with a “feels like” 7C. Summer, where are you? Lost and gone forever? However, the heavy rainfall is a wonderful bonus for the garden, everything is a shiny green, almost luminous, it is so lovely. Our road is overhung with large trees, now in full leaf and it is like driving though a green tunnel.

I am in the process of finalising an entry for the Mass Observation Project.

This is the link if you are feeling inspired. I felt it would be interesting to reflect on an entire year, and look towards the future, and at the same time writing about a typical day. It will be anonymous and held in a database for future researchers. I rather like the feeling of being a part of history, like Pepys’ diary.

We drove to Hampshire to have lunch with friends today. In driving rain and high winds on the motorway. Just like winter. We never even got out for a walk, but admired the garden from behind the patio doors. They have a bee hive, but apparently it was too windy for the bees to emerge. Sensible little things.

In honour of them, here is the incredible Yuja Wang playing the Flight of the Bumblebee.

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