Saturday 22 May

Today we have come to visit the family in Ealing, and I decided to come round on the motorway. Oh dear, big mistake. Heathrow is now getting more busy, sections of the M4 were closed, and the M25 threatened to live up to its reputation of being the biggest car park in the London area, if not the world. I think tomorrow I will twiddle my way home over Kew Bridge, which can also be slow but is at least scenic.

This afternoon I went for a walk along the River Brent. First of all I walked under the Wharncliffe viaduct, built by Brunel, but named after Lord Wharncliffe who arranged the funding. It carries the trains out of Paddington.

Looking under the arches gives a great view. Apparently pipistrelle bats live there, they have little metal grilles which protect their abodes.

The flowers at the edge of the footpath were spectacular, all the better after the rainstorm. The river is prettier than the name might suggest. And it must have fish in it as there was a heron concentrating very hard.

I walked to where the river flows into the Grand Union canal, and where there is a flight of locks. This is an area known as Old Hanwell.

There are houseboats just below the locks, all occupied as far as I could see. I always think it must be very chilly living on a boat.

Another attraction of the area is The Fox pub, today doing a roaring trade as at last customers can sit inside, which was very welcome as it was so cold.

I commend to you an enterprising activity by the Stuart Singers: some of you, dear readers, might spot a familiar face! I hope this link ratchets up the viewing figures, they deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 22 May

  1. Great photos – I love the view of the viaduct from underneath – all that brick work makes me exhausted just looking at it, I wonder how long it took to construct


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