Monday 24 May

A little more activity today despite the appalling weather. I went to my actual Pilates class and was very pleased that having followed the class on Zoom throughout lockdown, I was not as creaky as some members of the class who had done nothing. The old adage of use it or lose it, has definitely struck a few chords over the last year. I like it because there is a bit of banter, and it is less easy to cheat: no hiding below the line of camera sight to disguise that really you cannot do plank.

This afternoon we went to a garden centre which has opened a little coffee shop to entice more customers. We sat there listening to the rain rattling on the plastic roofing. Two women came in and occupied sofas opposite each other, and then proceeded to shout their news: “Well, and she said to me……” “No, I don’t believe it……” “And would you credit………” “You don’t say……” Totally hilarious, worthy of Alan Bennett.

I know we have reached the silly season for news, when you get the headline “Satellite to beam Netflix to the moon.” I have visions of little green men sitting round watching The Crown and being stunned about life on earth.

Aquafit this evening, yipee, swimming pools at last open. Very popular too, everyone mad keen to get back in the water. Beyond me why the pools were closed for so long: chlorinated water must surely kill everything and in any case, there is more chicken pox than Covid at present.

I heard this today: John Williams playing “Romance.” The heart’s desire of every budding classical guitarist. So lovely.

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