Tuesday 25 May

I am currently feeling pretty pole-axed by a head cold. I realise I have not had a cold for about 18 months, owing to all the restrictions. So I suppose I have little resistance. I managed to put out a few more plants in the garden, in between the showers, and while I still had enough energy.

This afternoon we managed a short walk in Oaks Park. The blossom trees are looking good, and some interesting flowers(?) on the spruce.

We also visited a farm shop which we patronised much more frequently last year when we did not want to go to supermarkets. It specialises in locally sourced meat, so we stocked up on some choice items.

I watched the final episode of “Pursuit of Love.” I have not read Nancy Mitford’s book on which it is based. I think I enjoyed it mainly for the costumes and the aristocratic shenanigans. It was pure escapism, which is sometimes necessary. I have given up on news analysis, it is all too gloomy.

This is an interesting programme, of interest to wild swimmers, and others I am sure.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 25 May

  1. Join the club Jenny. I’ve had a stinking cold for a week. Getting over it now, I blame my 2nd shot of vaccine! 😬
    First cold I’ve had for years.
    Hey ho. Onwards and upwards.


  2. Thanks for the bbc link – fascinating (I’ve shared it a lot already), Amazing to think it’s fairly recently that they’ve realised the impact of breathing on survival rather than hyperthermia. And I agree with the placebo comment on wild swimming – who cares if it isn’t proven if it makes you feel better!


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