Wednesday 26 May

On the front of yesterday’s Times was a photo of an English couple sunning themselves on a beach in Spain. He was wearing a very fetching summer trilby and looking out to sea. She was on the sun lounger, looking at her mobile phone. So what’s the point of going to Spain? Stay home and check your phone!

I watched “My Yorkshire Farm” last night. Amanda Owen has to be the most glamorous shepherdess ever, striding through Swaledale in a mini skirt, welly boots, and with perfect eye make up all the time. Before taking up sheep farming she was going to be a model, and you can see why. All the 9 children are cracking looking too. My favourite child at the moment is 5 year old Clemmie, child number 8. She has just started school and was bitterly disappointed because all the Christmas celebrations were cancelled. So an older sister organised a nativity play for all the siblings, and Clemmie was Mary, because then she could ride her pet, Tony the pony, as if it were the donkey. So they all got dressed up and performed for the parents. Clemmie flung the doll down in the manger, and her mum said, ” So what are you going to call him?” “Bob,” said Clemmie. At which point all the siblings fell about in hysterics. That kid will go on the stage, she is brilliant.

I had an interesting conversation in Tesco car park with a young man from Latvia, neatly turned out, articulate, but begging. I asked him why. He said he was travelling and was trying to get to Portugal, being one of the few countries without endless quarantine and isolation rules. He could afford the air fare, but not all the Covid testing shenanigans. I put money in his pot and wished him luck. I said were there no nice girls in England then? Oh yes, he laughed, nice girls everywhere!

Yesterday was Africa Day, I’m not sure that it even got a mention in the press. And yet according to the current UN estimate, the population is 1,369,168,575. That’s an awful lot of people to ignore. We only ever seem to hear about war, Ethiopia versus Eritrea and such like. What about the positives? Kenya is making amazing progress with solar energy, firing up fridges, mobile phones, TV’s. They have plenty of sunshine, they are capitalising on this.

I heard this today: Valentina Lisitsa with the incredible fingers, and looking here as though she is about to go fox hunting.


One thought on “Wednesday 26 May

  1. We watched the Yorkshire farm and I noticed her eye make up – I was in ore of her having the time and energy for mascara on top of all those kids and animals! Tony the pony is brill 😁


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