Thursday 27 May

At last a shade warmer, and I have ventured to turn the central heating off. It is on a thermostat and has been coming on every evening. This is surely ridiculous, it is almost June. I footled about in the garden, doing some weeding, but because it was sunny and warm, it was very tempting to sit and enjoy the sunshine whilst having a coffee. I am still battling a head cold and feel not terribly energetic.

But this afternoon we went to an angling venue in Kent:

I am not an angler but I can wield a landing net, and I can take photographs. This lake has a considerable number of species in it: carp, tench, bream, roach. There were quite a few anglers there today, but nobody was catching very much. However, Rod did well, landing 2 carp of about 12lbs each, so he was very happy, and also exhausted, as they are great fighters and head for the lily pads to twine themselves round.

I should say that no fish is harmed in the taking of this photo, it is all catch and release. I heard the first cuckoo today, and also saw bluetits dashing in and out of a nest box by the lake. Also a huge heron keeping an eye on proceedings. I was the only woman there of course, there are very few female anglers. I am not tempted: I don’t think I would be good at grabbing flapping slippery fish. But I am happy to watch, as there is always something to see by a lake or river.

Spot the angler.

The Chicago Institute podcasts about the Lyre of Ur are doing well. Part 1 is now 3,100, and part 2, 1,300. Orders for CDs have not come flooding in, but the publicity is hugely gratifying. Roll on the day when we can return to live performance. Turn out the wig, the frock, the jewellery, start relearning my lines!

I keep hearing this wonderful oboe concerto and realise how much I like the music of Albinoni.

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