Friday 28 May

Another post lockdown haircut! My hairdresser comes to the house and today we sat in the garden, as I did not want her to run the risk of catching my cold. So hair fluttered around and all the birds will now have cosy hair-lined nests. I am now ready for the late spring bank holiday, though I still await the promised heat wave.

I had a big turn out and have now collapsed the contents of 4 drawers into one. Lots of paper to recycling, but I have a mass of plastic wallets which documents were in. Any good ideas? I think most school children do their work online so the days of folders with neatly ordered papers in them are presumably long gone. Plastic recycling? But it is very therapeutic to get rid of stuff. We definitely have far too much stuff. The problem is that I am too sentimental about some of the things. Lyre performances with the programme and the reviews, tickets for music festivals we took part in, scripts of lectures we have given, photos, fliers………….I am trying to be systematic and just keep single items, no multiples.

Good to see that some live performances are getting going, and that exhibitions are opening up. I hope very much to go and see “Nero” at the British Museum, and also Thomas a Becket. Even the Prom concerts hope to have a form of live audience. Maybe not full capacity but even so. I see the online Glastonbury was bedevilled by technical problems. Mr Zoom clearly is not the answer to everything.

I heard this tonight while I was cooking the dinner and I realised that I have not given Bach much of an airing although I really like his music, it has a very mathematical neatness about it.

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