Sunday 30 May

East to be very lethargic today as it was considerably warmer. Everyone seemed to be rushing to the shops to buy charcoal and BBQ food. I have been doing a great deal of watering, and scattering of slug pellets. The usual fun Sunday activity.

We went down to Crawley for the afternoon, and had a walk along the Gatwick stream. This is prettier than it sounds and there was a mass of wild garlic in bloom which could be smelt for miles around. Cow parsley is man high, everything is growing like crazy. I heard the cuckoo, and bluetits were twittering angrily. I expect we were near the nest.

Emma and Mark’s cat, the aptly named Mr Moustache, did not take kindly to the small children who came to visit. He was exceedingly wary, probably rightly so. Small noisy child with (to him) big feet. No thank you, I’ll just keep a wary lookout.

Today Widor’s toccata, a sort of one hit wonder. My grandfather was a church organist, and I had a go at playing the organ several times. My goodness, keyboards, pedals, stops: you are a complete one man band, it is enormously difficult. I love the famous Gerard Hoffnung cartoon. So believable when the organist gives it some serious wellie.

The organist by Gerard Hoffnung. | Musica, Musicales, Caricaturas

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