Monday 31 May

A trip up the M1 to the Peak District. As per usual, I always seem to find the spots where there are massive hold ups due to an accident. So it took us longer than anticipated to get here. And Bank Holiday Monday in Bakewell has to be seen to be believed. So we moved on to the farm cottages where Richard and family are staying, and played with Adam and the dog until the crowds in Bakewell had subsided. We managed to check in to our Airbnb and even find a parking space which are at an absolute premium.

It is a picture book pretty village, with lovely individual shops and cafes. It has suffered greatly over the last year because of no tourists. Today will have compensated just a little. We went down to look at the beautiful River Wye, with some large rainbow trout visible.

On one of the little bridges were hundreds of little padlocks, all declaring undying love. I had the feeling that it was making the bridge inordinately heavy.

I am reminded by a Kenyan friend that it is Madaraka Day. This is a national holiday, to celebrate independence from British rule. 1963, what a long time ago.

Today on Classic FM it was Movie Music day. Lots of very familiar tunes, some very hackneyed. One which I did not readily recognise but I thought was very haunting was from “American Beauty.” I saw the film but regretfully did not recollect the soundtrack. So herewith.

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