Tuesday 1 June

And it is indeed flaming June. The temperature has shot up, it is now about 23C. We had a walk around Bakewell, looking at the little shops and stopping for a coffee, sitting outside and watching the world go by. We had a rather interesting experience watching the two people at the next table. Let us be diplomatic and say they were not the slimmest. They each ordered a full English, complete with chips, beans and black pudding, a portion which would have fed a family of four. Washed down with a mug of hot chocolate (or in madam’s case, two mugs) with a mountain of marsh mallows on top and a couple of packets of sugar stirred in. Boris, our health crisis is not Covid, it’s diet.

We came across a piece of industrial archaeology, an old mill wheel. It is called the Victoria Mill, and was taken out of the mill race in 1970. The mill building behind is now apartments. It is a massive structure and there were many like this in Derbyshire. Water power was harnessed to drive all types of mills.

We then went to Hathersage to see my sister, who I have not seen since February last year, my brother-in-law and nephew. We had lunch in the garden and caught up on family news. Tomorrow my niece arrives from Scotland. So lovely to be able to finally get together. It has been enormously cheering. As this is a lockdown blog, the gradual easing of restrictions, and the effect on ordinary people, has to be logged. I think it will be devastating if the government reneges on the 21 June promise. I went to have a look at my brother-in-law’s allotment, looks very fine: rhubarb, potatoes, beans all coming on. I looked up the hill at the church, where the grave of Little John is in the churchyard.

This evening we joined other members of the family, holidaying nearby, for a barbecue. Just lovely to be outside the whole time. Adam found a new use for the frisbee.

There are a large number of sheep in this area so I felt this music was appropriate. Some of the images look like Derbyshire, with drystone walling in evidence. The first 3 minutes are the best.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 1 June

  1. Is Bakewell Tart named for this village? I ran across a reference to the tart in a book I was reading and had asked Jill what it is – She “educated” me by making the loveliest one for us when we were visiting in May 2019.

    I’m assuming this village is in or near the Wye Valley since you referenced the Wye River. We got lost on the way to Tintern Abbey during the same visit and had the most idyllic ride through thee countryside before finally arriving at the abbey.


    1. Yes Bakewell tart, or more correctly Bakewell pudding is named after this village. More confusingly, there are two rivers called the Wye. The one you saw near Tintern, in the west of England, and the one we saw, in Derbyshire. They are not even connected.


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