Wednesday 2 June

Another hot and sunny day. We went for a walk along Lathkill Dale. It was fairly busy with walkers, but perhaps not as many as I might have expected, seeing that it is half term week. Dovedale and Monsal Dale were undoubtedly more crowded.

What is interesting about the dales in the White Peak is not only the natural world but also the industrial heritage. The river here disappears periodically because it drops into old mine workings. There were a lot of lead mines round here, and also fluorspar.

This afternoon we returned to Hathersage, my niece has arrived from Edinburgh and I have not seen her for over a year, I missed her 30th birthday, and it was an emotional reunion. To celebrate we went for a swim in the R Derwent, together with my daughter-in-law. Only the females of the species are so intrepid. It was my first wild swim of the year, soooooooo exciting! And pretty cold. The water flows down from the Ladybower reservoirs, where I guess it has been cooling down all winter. But jolly refreshing and invigorating, and justified the fish and chips I had when I returned to Bakewell.

Nephew Tim has been entertaining Adam with his guitar, so a tribute to one of the greatest classical guitarists, Segovia.

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