Saturday 5 June

I was up early, bright sunshine, birds twittering. So I walked into Bakewell to collect the paper, and called in at The Old Bakewell Pudding Shop. These puddings are unique. Not the Mr Kipling tiddly things with icing and a cherry on, tasting of almond essence. These are in puff pastry, made with butter, eggs and ground almonds and are totally delicious. I bought a large one, and some “snacks” to have with our coffee, with my sister and family in Hathersage. We sat in their pretty garden and chatted.

At lunch time three of us decided to patronise a local cafe for lunch but this was not such a clever idea, as they were very rushed off their feet, and we had to wait a rather long time. Hospitality is in a dilemma at present. They have let so many staff go, the East Europeans have gone home, and now they are short handed.

My sister maintains the flower planters at the railway station, so this afternoon we went down to do some weeding, watering and some planting. We felt very sorry for passengers who were waiting to go to Sheffield, as the train which is only hourly, had been cancelled, so they were cooling their heels for an hour for the next one. “Shortage of drivers” was the lame excuse. I then returned to the R Derwent for another wild swim. Still only 12C but I read that the sea temperature at Brighton is 12C too. I feel very energised by these cool dips: all wild swimmers will tell you the same thing. Back to celebrate brother-in-law’s birthday with a glass of wine and a piece of cake. Great way to sign off our holiday break.

So many sheep round here, so here goes. This version has a very light touch which I like.

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