Sunday 6 June

We woke up to cascading rain. Such a change. But as we were leaving Bakewell today, it did not really matter. In fact this weather is more typical of the Peak District in my experience of having been here many times. It was the end of half term week, so I thought there might be a great deal of traffic but it was not too bad and we were home in 4 hours. The cat was delighted to see us. And I have been watering the garden yet again, as I think the rainfall here has been insignificant.

Apropos of nothing in particular, I have had on my mind the children’s rhyme, whereby you eliminate players. “Ipp dip dip, my blue ship, sailing on the water, like a cup and saucer, O U T spells out.” And the person at the end of the rhyme is out, and then it continues. I am sure there are many other similar rhymes, and I suspect they may be regional. Do let me know if you know of others. I am not going to cheat and look on Google.

In the car coming back we decided to have a change from Classic FM and listen to a CD. Rod had Vivaldi recorder concertos to hand: I thought it was very attractive. Perhaps because I played the recorder at school and never realised how versatile it can be.

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