Monday 7 June

I have been sent a German elimination rhyme, “Ene, mene, muh, aus bist du. Aus bist du lange nicht, sag mir erst, wie alt du bist.” Which means, “Eeny, meeny mo, you are out. But you are not out until you tell me how old you are. ” You then count the requisite number of years to see who will be out. Unfortunately, in my case, we would be standing around for a long time to find out who that would be! I remembered another one, one potato, two potato, three potato four, five potato. six potato, seven potato more. A true nonsense rhyme.

We had an exciting trip to the tip, or Neighbourhood Reuse and Recycling Centre as it is now known. There was a queue to get in. One of the guys on duty (they are not allowed to help you move anything, they just point out parking spaces) found it all very amusing. “Gawd, all of Croydon is here today, they’ve had all of 3 lockdowns to turn out, and they all come here on Monday morning, can’t believe it.”

This afternoon I went to Beckenham Place Park, for open water swimming. Not wild swimming because you have to book a timed slot and pay money. But it is nevertheless fun to swim in a park lake. 21C too so a tad warmer than the R Derwent. It was wonderfully sunny so it was a popular place to be. We saw damsel flies hatching, and a little egret paddling around. Bit of weed twining round my fingers at times, but there you go, it’s a lake not a swimming pool. Very relaxing.

So it just has to be Handel’s Water Music:

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