Tuesday 8 June

I had a great turning out session today, and got rid of a lot of teaching materials. In 2011 I taught German to a group from the Met Police, prior to the Olympics, when it was felt that the police should be a tad more multilingual. It was great fun and I prepared lots of interesting material. But I was hard hearted and jettisoned it all into recycling. I am not going to be doing something like that again, I am sure. I now have a bag full of plastic wallets, which the papers were in, but I think I have found a home for them. Not that anyone uses paper any more, everything is electronic. We have a house full of “stuff”, and we really do have to thin it out. I am too sentimental about many of the things. From my grandparents, parents, godmother……..

I spent time in the garden, finally planting up my hanging basket. I am very impressed by this poppy which appeared from nowhere.

Such a vibrant colour. I went to the garden centre to get some more bedding plants, they are selling so well, which compensates for a rather lean year last year I think.

I am so maddened by the shilly-shallying over the end of lockdown on 21 June. You cannot build up people’s expectations like this and then cancel them at the last minute. I know of weddings, parties, other celebrations, all of which now hang in the balance. Just say the country is closed till January 2022 and have done. The uncertainty is sheer wickedness, in my opinion.

I heard this today, sung by Aled Jones. Such a lovely voice. About a lady in a garden, so beautiful.

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