Friday 11 June

The first excitement of the day was that the cat found a mouse. I have never known her catch anything before, and this did not last long as the mouse scurried behind a plant pot. The cat then lay in wait for hours, till she nodded off in boredom. We have all our meals outside in the summer time, so this was as we were eating breakfast. I have to admit to lifting my feet and giving a small squeak.

I have been attempting to do some weeding, my least favourite activity in the garden. Ground elder, dandelions, rather too many forget-me-nots…..I think I find it so frustrating because it looks quite neat for a short time, and then very quickly it is just the same as before. It’s like ironing, my least favourite domestic chore. The clothes are neatly pressed, worn, washed, and you start all over again. I have to admit to both minimal ironing and minimal weeding. It makes me sound like a dreadfully lazy slut, which I do believe I am not: I am sure other people feel the same, they just don’t publicise the fact.

I turn the pages of the newspaper in desultory fashion. I should take more interest in G7 I am sure, or statue toppling, or Covid statistics, or vaccines, but I find myself more interested in the nature notes, or anecdotes about wild swimming, or yesterday’s ring of fire, the partial eclipse, which I did not see. But hey, tomorrow is another day, and an exciting one for me. Watch this space.

In an English Country Garden: reminds me of primary school, think we danced to this.

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