Monday 14 June

Some notable achievements today. The first was being able to use my bus pass before 9.00 which in many areas outside of London you cannot. We took the bus from Bude to Crackington Haven, a small village which has the reputation of being a geology student’s delight. Unusual rocks are exposed, the Crackington formation. The cliff faces are fascinating, and the shore extremely rugged. Many fossils can be found in this area.

We returned to the South West Coast path. The weather was not so sunny today, and there was a sea fret coming in which felt like walking through cloud. On the wall of the hotel was a rather sweet poem.

There were many steps, both up and down. Here are 2 ladies about to go over the edge….well, not really, but there were 130 steps down.

So we crossed the stream, and there were 180 steps to go up. But fortunately, a zigzag path had been built and it did make it a little easier.

Here we are, puffing our way to the top.

The fret cleared, and we were rewarded by spectacular views in all directions. The flower displays are also amazing, prolific amounts of red campion, buttercups, foxgloves, heather and today, orchids.

We also came across a teeny grass snake, which we helped to the side of the road so that it would survive a bit longer.

I liked this sign, about the minimum size for catching bass. I think there are few bass left in the sea round here, hence the rust on the sign.

The second most notable event today was that we walked 11.5 miles. The coast path goes up and down steeply all the time, so eleven and half miles is a pretty good achievement. My feet certainly feel that I have walked this far.

We returned to Crackington Haven this evening and had a great meal at the Coombe Barton Hotel. They had local food as much as possible: I had Cornish smoked mackerel. We were very entertained by watching the surfers, the rollers were breaking in at a great height. One young man seemed particularly talented.

So the predictions have come true: no end to lockdown on 21 June, we remain locked down to at least 19 July. So tragic for so many people: family events cancelled, theatre performances delayed. I may even have to continue writing my blog.

In honour of the surfers:

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