Wednesday 16 June

Today it was time to catch up with some history, as well as scenery. We visited Tintagel Castle, or rather, the romantic ruins. Since Tennyson’s poem Morte D’Arthur, Tintagel has been associated with the adventures of King Arthur, and so there is the Camelot Castle Hotel, the Sword in the Stone car park and the like. But there is no denying that the location is superb. Originally connected to the mainland by a land bridge, it became an island as erosion took its toll. Today it is connected with the most amazing cantilever bridge.

I photographed it from all directions but the best way to find out about it, is to watch this short video, it is an engineering marvel, and combines local slate with state of the art steel.

There were many visitors there today and I was pleased for them, as they have lost a huge amount of revenue over the various lockdowns.

Opposite the castle is the Camelot Castle Hotel, built in 1899 in anticipation of the railway coming to Tintagel, which it never did. We were told that it is “quirky.” It is run by Scientologists, and Tom Cruise is a guest there from time to time. The situation is fantastic

CAMELOT CASTLE HOTEL - Updated 2021 Prices, Reviews, and Photos (Tintagel)  - Tripadvisor

but the Tripadvisor reviews are pretty poor!!

Here are the lady walkers at the castle:

Having walked two and a half miles around Tintagel castle, we then pressed on with the coastal path to Boscastle. This was Rocky Valley, and it certainly was. We added another 8 miles to the tally today.

The flowers continue to delight, there is such a profusion.

The weather seems set to break but we cannot complain.

The most noticeable effect of lockdown here is the absence of overseas visitors. Cornwall is very popular with German tourists, but there are none here. Some small shops have gone bust, but campsites are thriving. Lots of touring caravans, and campers. But all UK visitors.

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