Thursday 17 June

We have been in the habit of writing limericks for the places we have visited, so here is the current offering:

There was a young lady of Bude

Who wanted to swim in the nude.

So she went to the pool

Which was terribly cool

And the people said, “Don’t be so rude!”

Today we walked north from Morwenstow to Marsland Mouth. We thought this rock formation looked like a sleeping dinosaur.

Crossing the small stream at Marsland, we entered Devon, new territory. The beach there is pretty wild, with the breakers rolling in. There were very few people around, just the intrepid coastal path walkers like ourselves.

The weather forecast today had been not so good, but hey presto, the sun appeared again. I cannot begin to do justice to the abundance of flowers, I tried here to get a combination of colours.

This week we have managed another 40 miles of the South West Coastal Path. We have rewarded ourselves with Cornish pasties, and today, at last, a cream tea.

It has been a wonderfully enjoyable break, sunny summer days to remember in the darkness of winter.

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